June 12, 2024

Draft SZN: 2025 Way-Too-Early Rookie Mock Draft

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We now know the landing spots for this season’s crop of rookies after the 2024 NFL Draft concluded, and rookie drafts are either in the process of taking place or will be shortly. However, that’s not what I’m diving into here. It’s rookie draft SZN baaaabyyyyy! That said, there’s no harm in looking ahead to what next season’s rookie drafts could look like.

Looking forward, it’s time to stockpile those 2025 rookie draft picks for what could be a special running back class. It may not have an ‘elite’ running back, but it certainly has depth to help rebuild/reload the position.

(For the purposes of this exercise, I have used players who are eligible for the 2025 NFL Draft. Obviously, there are possibilities of certain players returning to school again.)


2025 SuperFlex Rookie Mock Draft


Round One


1. Carson Beck, Quarterback, Georgia

2. Tetairoa McMillan, Wide Receiver, Arizona

3. Luther Burden III, Wide Receiver, Missou

4. Shedeur Sanders, Quarterback, Colorado

5. TreVeyon Henderson, Running Back, Ohio State

6. Evan Stewart, Wide Receiver, Oregon

7. Emeka Egbuka, Wide Receiver, Ohio State

8. Ollie Gordon, Running Back, Oklahoma State

9. Nick Singleton, Running Back, Penn State

10. Quinshon Judkins, Running Back, Ohio State

11. Trevor Etienne, Running Back, Georgia

12. Quinn Ewers, Quarterback, Texas

Going into 2023, Carson Beck was largely an unknown commodity. Now, he is in play to be the number one overall pick in the 2025 NFL Draft. Another QB who is in play for the top spot is Colorado’s Shedeur Sanders. He is probably the most polarizing player to keep an eye on.

Tet McMillan, Luther Burden III, Emeka Egbuka, and Evan Stewart will compete for the WR1 position. Stewart has a bit to prove, but his move to Oregon should get him more looks. Egbuka should be the main target at Ohio State in 2024 as he looks to move up draft boards.

At running back, TreVeyon Henderson would have likely been the RB1 in the 2024 NFL Draft. He chose to return to Ohio State and will split the backfield with Quinshon Judkins, who transferred in from Ole Miss. Ollie Gordon came out of nowhere for Oklahoma State in 2023 and will push Henderson for the RB1 spot.


Round Two

1. Kaidon Salter, Quarterback, Liberty

2. Antonio Williams, Wide Receiver, Clemson

3. Jaxson Dart, Quarterback, Ole Miss

4. Garrett Nussmeier, Quarterback, LSU

5. Barion Brown, Wide Receiver, Kentucky

6. Isaiah Bond, Wide Receiver, Texas

7. DJ Giddens, Running Back, Kansas State

8. Tez Johnson, Wide Receiver, Oregon

9. Devin Neal, Running Back, Kansas

10. Elic Ayomanor, Wide Receiver, Stanford

11. Colbie Young, Wide Receiver, Georgia

12. Colston Loveland, Tight End, Michigan

A couple of sleeper quarterbacks appear in the second round. Kaidon Salter has plenty of traits the NFL looks for. He protects the football, is supremely efficient, and is fast and athletic. On the flip side, Garrett Nussmeier is the prototypical pocket passer. Many believe he is a better pure passer than reigning Heisman Trophy winner Jayden Daniels.

DJ Giddens and Devin Neal are my two favorite running backs in the 2025 NFL Draft. They aren’t as known as Henderson, Judkins, Singleton, and Gordon, but they are tremendously talented.

The second tier of wide receivers is off the board in the second round. Antonio Williams is closer to the top tier than the rest of them, but Elic Ayomanor and Colbie Young could be big risers for 2025.


Round Three

1. Kaytron Allen, Running Back, Penn State Nittany Lions

2. Tre Harris, Wide Receiver, Ole Miss Rebels

3. Damien Martinez, Running Back, Miami Hurricanes

4. Omarion Hampton, Running Back, North Carolina Tar Heels

5. Tory Horton, Wide Receiver, Colorado State Rams

6. Nic Anderson, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma Sooners

7. Jadyn Ott, Running Back, California Golden Bears

8. Jeremiah Hunter, Wide Receiver, Washington Huskies

9. Ashton Jeanty, Running Back, Boise State Broncos

10. CJ Daniels, Wide Receiver, LSU Tigers

11. Germie Bernard, Wide Receiver, Alabama Crimson Tide

12. Cam Ward, Quarterback, Miami Hurricanes


Round 4

1. Mason Taylor, Tight End, LSU Tigers

2. Juice Wells, Wide Receiver, Ole Miss Rebels

3. Bru McCoy, Wide Receiver, Tennessee Volunteers

4. Dane Key, Wide Receiver, Kentucky Wildcats

5. Luke Lachey, Tight End, Iowa Hawkeyes

6. Donovan Edwards, Running Back, Michigan Wolverines

7. Matthew Golden, Wide Receiver, Texas Longhorns

8. Connor Weigman, Quarterback, Texas A&M Aggies

9. Jordan James, Running Back, Oregon Ducks

10. Oscar Delp, Tight End, Georgia Bulldogs

11. Phil Mafah, Running Back, Clemson Tigers

12. Dillon Gabriel, Quarterback, Oregon Ducks

There will be plenty of movement between now and next draft season. Guys from the third and fourth rounds could move up, while others who aren’t even on the board will pop. It’s always fun to put these types of way-too-early lists and mocks together. Keep an eye on what transpires over the next several months and into the college football season.

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