July 22, 2024

2024 Rookie Dynasty Impact: Jayden Daniels

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The 2024 NFL Draft has just begun, and DRAMA has already ensued. First, from the surprise selection of Michael Penix Jr. to the Atlanta Falcons. Then, waiting for 14 picks before the Indianapolis Colts selected the first defensive player, Laiatu Latu. However, at the beginning, the predictability of Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels, and Drake Maye were all selected in order to begin the draft and are poised to impact dynasty rosters.

In this Rookie Dynasty Impact, I will analyze Jayden Daniels’s impact on his new team, the Washington Commanders, and how best to approach trying to roster his services.


2024 Rookie Dynasty Impact: Jayden Daniels

How does Jayden Daniels affect the Washington Commanders?

First, the Commanders have secured themselves a franchise quarterback. By selecting Jayden Daniels, the Commanders drafted the reigning Heisman Trophy winner and a tantalizing prospect showing he can win games as a thrower and a runner. 

In 2023, Daniels compiled 3,812 yards passing for 40 touchdown passes while throwing just four interceptions for the LSU Tigers. On the ground, he ran for 1,234 yards and ten touchdowns. In short, Daniels had a dominant season and was awarded with the Heisman Trophy for his efforts.

Joining forces with Kliff Kingsbury in Washington, Jayden Daniels is blessed to have an offensive coordinator who knows how to work with his skill set — Kingsbury worked with Caleb Williams last year at USC. Before that, Kingsbury was the head coach in Arizona and worked with Kyler Murray. Prior to being the Head Coach in Arizona, Kingsbury was the head coach at Texas Tech and oversaw the maturation of Patrick Mahomes.

Terry McLaurin and Jahan Dotson should be jumping for joy with this marriage of coach and quarterback. the Commanders are getting a quarterback who can make every throw on the field and has shown accuracy for the long ball, which only a few quarterbacks can throw. The receivers should be instant beneficiaries because of the addition of Daniels.

In addition, a running quarterback is a backfield’s best friend. Brian Robinson and Austin Ekeler form a dynamic backfield. And with the threat of Jayden Daniels willing to take off at any point in a play, linebackers become frozen watching him. Which, in turn, frees up Ekeler and Robinson in RPO action. Jayden Daniels is the gas to light this offense on fire, and fantasy managers should look to acquire them before their managers realize how potent this offense will become.


How high is Jayden Daniels’s Dynasty Stock?

I can’t imagine Jayden Daniels’ stock being any higher now, which is different from last year between Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud. Daniels will not surprise fantasy managers with his play and usurp the top overall pick as the best quarterback. Caleb Williams and Jayden Daniels are equals in the fantasy world.

And if, for some chance, Daniels is unfortunate and becomes injured, he will maintain a status similar to Anthony Richardson and see little to no drop in the stock.


What is Daniels’s Rookie Draft Status?

The format is critical to any rookie draft, as well as how to best approach ranking players. 

If you are in a one QB league, Jayden Daniels will be drafted as a backup at this point, with the potential of becoming a starting quarterback in fantasy. In this scenario, he is likely a mid-first-round pick with a lower floor than some but a higher ceiling than most. In a single quarterback league, your outlook may be more to the future if you draft Daniels. The manager who drafts him may need to be patient. Not all players have an immediate impact like C.J. Stroud last year with the Texans.

If you are in a 2QB/SF league, Daniels will likely need to be drafted in the first three picks. Marvin Harrison Jr. is a generational talent and is in the mix with Caleb Williams and Jayden Daniels to be at the top of any draft board. 

Regardless of format, Jayden Daniels will require a draft pick in the top six of any draft to secure his place on your roster and the top three if your league allows two quarterbacks to start. Daniels has the potential to be the best fantasy quarterback in this draft, and having him securely on your roster should bring much success to your team.



At this point, trading for Jayden Daniels will be a TALL TASK. In all likelihood, you will need to trade an established quarterback or receiver to keep him from the lucky manager who has him.

One scenario I posed to our Dynasty Pros Trade Calculator:


Although the values line up, I do not think this entirely gets a trade accomplished with recency bias factored into the equation. However, if you added a mid- or late-second-round rookie pick to Prescott, I believe the offer may convince managers to part with Daniels. However, I wouldn’t worry about a few draft spots to acquire Daniels. If it acquires his rights, do it!


If you attempt to secure Daniels with a position player, a trade similar to this may work. Again, right after the draft, you may have to overpay to acquire him. I am not worried about the fine details. I am growing more and more in love with placement with the Commanders.



I am a big believer in fantasy football trades, which have a winner and a loser. However, I am quick to point out that these winners and losers are only on paper, and the winner on paper at the beginning generally is not the winner in the standings at the end.

If you believe in the talent of Jayden Daniels, do what you need to do to secure him for your fantasy roster. If you currently have him on your roster, demand a lot from other teams, including David goddamn Putney. And if your league still needs to have their rookie draft, do not try to acquire the second pick without guaranteeing that Daniels is available. 

What are your thoughts on Jayden Daniels? Reach out to me on Twitter @JGoody77 and check out more of my thoughts on DynastyProsfootball.com.