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2022 Wild Card Predictions

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2022 Wild Card Predictions

By Tim Lazenby

After all of the predictions for how each team in the NFL will do in 2022, I thought we should continue all the way to the Super Bowl.  While these predictions were impossible to begin with, the playoff predictions at this time of the year are truly mad.  That being said, I just couldn’t help myself.  Putting my name on the line, let’s do this!

Wild Card Round NFC

The 2022 NFC Wild Card round is going to feature the same teams as last year, with only one switch.  Although the order will change, many teams will have a chance to fix their failings.  Which ones will succeed and which teams will suffer the same fate?  And will our new entrant show them all who’s boss?  Let’s find out!

NFC Game 1

Minnesota Vikings 8-9-0 (7) vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11-6-0 (2)

Last Game: Minnesota 14 @ Tampa Bay 26 (12-13-2020)

Minnesota leads all time series 33-22-0

This is a game that will be determined by grit and truculence.  While both teams certainly have finesse players, they aren’t going to be the ones to determine this brawl.  With Tom Brady in his last year, (so he says), and Kirk Cousins trying to prove he’s the answer, it’s actually going to be a battle between Dalvin Cook and the Tampa Bay defense.  And while Cook is going to play well, it’s not going to be enough.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers advance, winning by a defensive touchdown

NFC Game 2

Philadelphia Eagles 8-9-0 (6) vs Green Bay Packers 10-7-0 (3)

Last Game: Philadelphia 16 @ Green Bay 30 (12-06-2020)

Green Bay leads all time series 28-17-0

This match is the story of two teams on two different paths.  The Philadelphia Eagles are a team that is just getting started, while the Green Bay Packers are one where their dominance is coming to an end.  And while I think Aaron Rodgers can prove last year was an error and that he can win under any circumstance, the Eagles will foil his plans.  Davante’s absence will truly be felt.


Philadelphia Eagles advance, winning by a field goal.

NFC Game 3

Arizona Cardinals 11-6-0 (5) vs Dallas Cowboys 8-9-0 (4)

Last Game: Arizona 25 @ Dallas 22 (01-02-2022)

Dallas leads all time series 56-34-1

While both teams sport a defense that is admirable, throw them right out the window in this high octane show of offense on both sides.  It’s going to be a career outing for many players on the offensive side of the ball for both the Cowboys and Cardinals.  This may be the most electric game of the round and Kyler Murray is going to show once and for all why he should be paid. 

Arizona Cardinals advance, winning with a Kyler Murray touchdown.

Wild Card Round AFC

Unlike their counterpart, there will be much movement in the AFC compared to 2021.  Nearly half of the teams in the playoffs will have changed.  With all this new blood, one can only imagine the possibilities of glory, disappointment and straightup chaos for so many fans.  It’ll be a thrill to watch and I can’t wait.

AFC Game 1

Kansas City Chiefs 10-7-0 (7) vs Buffalo Bills 13-4-0 (2)

Last Game: Buffalo 36 @ Kansas City 42 OT (01-23-2022)

Buffalo leads all time series 27-24-1

The wounds are still fresh from this one boys and girls.  In possibly the greatest playoff game ever played, these two teams need a rematch more than any other team.  Unfortunately, it won’t hold the same candle, as the Bills will dominate this outing.  And even though the Chiefs deserve to be there, the Bills will make it look like they don't.  Josh Allen will show the world why last season was a mistake that won’t be repeated.

Buffalo Bills advance, winning by double digits.

AFC Game 2

Miami Dolphins 10-7-0 (6) vs Indianapolis Colts 12-5-0 (3)

Last Game: Indianapolis 27 @ Miami 17 (10-03-2021)

Miami leads all time series 48-28-0

This match will be truly thrilling, but not in the sense that most will think.  The superstars on both sides won’t be the ones to get it done here.  I see many lead changes taking place in this battle and fans will have to wait on the edge of their seats to see the outcome unfold until the end of the game.  In a truly tightly fought slobberknocker, a new hero will emerge.

Miami Dolphins advance, winning with virtually no time left on the clock.

AFC Game 3

Pittsburgh Steelers 11-6-0 (5) vs Cincinnati Bengals 12-5-0 (4)

Last Game: Pittsburgh 10 @ Cincinnati 41 (11-28-2021)

Pittsburgh leads all time series 67-38-0

In the most storied showdown of the wild card round, the Steelers and Bengals will face each other for the 108th time.  Like last season, the Steelers will have defied the odds, not only making the playoffs, but taking the lead.  Unfortunately for them, the Bengals aren’t willing to give up the AFC so easily, turning up the heat and taking the lead back in stellar fashion.  Once Cincinnati takes the wheel, they won’t look back.

Cincinnati Bengals advance, winning the game before halftime.

With this thrilling entry into the 2022 NFL playoffs, the next round is sure to excite!  Check back to see what happens in the divisional playoffs.


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