• Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

10 Players to Buy & Sell

By Bob Miller


Whether you’re buying or selling, here’s a list of players to consider making a move on before it’s too late.


Javonte Williams (75.20) 

One of my favorite buy-low candidates is Broncos rookie running back Javonte Williams. He has pretty much split carries with Melvin Gordon through the first seven weeks. In the past five games, we have seen Williams become more involved in the passing game with three receptions in each matchup including six catches on Thursday. Keep in mind that seven of his remaining 9 weeks (not including Week 18) are against defenses that rank in the top 12 for most points allowed to running backs per game. With Melvin Gordon in the last year of his contract, I say go get Williams now. It is going to pay off this year and beyond.


Zach Ertz (64.90) 

With tight end being so thin in fantasy football, Ertz is a fantastic player to target via trade. He had a great debut with Arizona on Sunday posting three receptions for 66 yards and a touchdown. That was good for 16.00 fantasy points. I would expect double digit fantasy points week in and week out. One good thing about trading for Ertz is that his current owner probably drafted him as a backup tight end. That means Ertz should be somewhat easier to acquire due to him not being depended on as a starter originally.


George Kittle (43.60) 

I have said for over a year now to sell George Kittle, so why is he now on my buy list? Business.. that’s why. If I can get an elite player at a discount, I’m always interested. I have said too many times that Kittle cannot stay healthy, and that’s pretty obvious now. But if you can get him at a discount, why not at least look into it. Whoever in your league currently owns Kittle has to be extremely frustrated. We are still not sure when he’s coming back, and the current Kittle owner may need the roster spot for someone else during these brutal bye weeks. I am a strong advocate for acquiring Kittle now at a nice discount and flipping him for a profit once he returns. 


Saquon Barkley (64.50) 

Just like a Kittle or McCaffrey owner, someone is terribly frustrated with Saquon Barkley. That’s what I like to see. I have been trading for Barkley at a discount wherever I can. We all know what he is capable of, and that Giants offense is completely different with Barkly playing. Personally I do not see Saquon as an injury prone player, just someone with a little bit of bad luck lately. I don’t have to sell you on Barkley, we all know what he can do. I’m just here to tell you that I have no problem trading for him. Better days are ahead of Saquon. If you can get him at a discount, make it happen.


Joe Mixon (106.50) 

Mixon is a player that makes his owners nervous, as they think they may lose him again due to injury, and I’m there to take advantage. Right now may be the best time to go acquire the stud running back who is currently 2nd in the NFL in rushing yards and rush attempts only behind Derrick Henry, and is second in the NFL in yards after contact. I’d offer another running back like Kareem Hunt, James Robinson, or Darrell Henderson to get Mixon.



Jalen Hurts (165.74)

Some way, somehow, Jalen Hurts manages to put up fantasy points. He’s currently the number 6 fantasy quarterback on the season. This is the perfect example of fantasy vs reality. In fact, Hurts has scored 43.4% of his fantasy points this season in the 4th quarter. If you can sell high on him, I strongly suggest it. As it stands right now it does not look like Hurts is Philadelphia's franchise quarterback. He is making bad decisions and he has not shown the arm accuracy that you need to succeed in the NFL. The Eagles could grow very impatient with Hurts and possibly bench him down the stretch. Philly did trade for Gardner Minshew earlier this season and could turn to him as a more conservative approach. Hurts is risky, so I’d look to move him.


Deebo Samuel (131.00) 

Deebo is an absolute stud when he’s on the field, but that’s when he’s on the field. He missed eight games last season and left early in a couple more. He was a headache last year, but not this season. He put on a show Sunday night against the Colts posting seven catches for 100 yards and a touchdown. Right now he is a top 5 wide receiver on the season. His value has never been any higher, so look to take advantage. I’m not saying you need to move him, but at least make it known to your league that he could be had at the right price. I just saw him get traded straight up for Tyreek Hill in a dynasty league. That’s selling high right there.


Adam Thielen (106.50) 

Adam Thielen is one of my favorite sells. He is still playing at a high level, even at the age of 31. The man just gets it done. My only motivation to trade him is to get younger at the position. You don’t have to hype him, everyone knows what he is. I’m just looking to move him for younger options before it’s too late. I’d target players like Calvin Ridley straight up, Marquise Brown, or DeVonta Smith plus a draft pick in exchange if possible.


Cordarrelle Patterson (116.40)

There’s not a bigger sell high candidate than Patterson. He currently has more fantasy points than Ezekiel Elliott, Alvin Kamara, and Nick Chubb. Patterson has scored on 16% of his receptions. This number should regress as the season goes along, because the fantasy competition gets a lot tougher for Atlanta. They faced three teams who ranked in the bottom 10 for points allowed to the WR position (where Patterson’s points have come from primarily). Going forward, only in four of their remaining 12 games will they see those kinds of matchups. Sell, sell, sell. See if you can get someone like Saquon Barkley or Javonte Williams.


Courtland Sutton (103.90) 

Sutton has had three great weeks in a row that were fueled by a huge amount of targets (30). However, that target share will be unsustainable with the return of Jerry Juedy in Week 8. In his last 23 games Sutton has only seen 10 targets in 5 of them. Now is a great time to sell Sutton due to his lack of “week winning” upside once Juedy returns.